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Update Mileages & Get Truck Info Using Text Messages & More

We just added a new feature to help you save time!  Text Message Control allows you to send a text to the MyTruckMate App and perform various functions.

To start with, we give you these 2 functions.

  1. Update Truck Mileages
  2. Instantly Get Access To Truck Documents (Registration, Insurance, DOT Certificate, and IFTA).
  3. View Truck Barcodes For Logging Into Scanners

To use these features, send a text message to 321-252-8939 (this is the same number that sends you text notifications in the app) with the truck number and request separated by a forward slash (/).  For example, if you wanted to update the mileage for truck # 440998 with 123,543 miles, the text message would look like this:


You will then receive a confirmation that the mileage has been updated.

To get access to the truck documents, type the word “docs” (NOT case-sensitive) after the slash.  Example:


Instantly, you will get a reply with links to all available documents for truck 440998.

To get a truck’s barcode, enter the truck number /barcode like this:


You will instantly receive the barcode needed to login to your FedEx scanner.

You can control how and if mileage can be updated for each driver. In the driver page, you will see 3 choices for updating mileage: No, driver cannot text mileage to the app. Any attempt will be ignored and the driver will receive a message stating that they are unauthorized. Yes, driver will be able to instantly update truck mileage. Yes with approval, driver can send truck mileage, but mileage will not actually update until you approve in the “Text Message Manager” page within the app.
Mileage updates sent by YOU the owner, will always instantly update the system, and there will be no need to approve.

The “Text Message Manager” page also shows you a log of every text message sent to your account, and the status of each one.

For security purposes, the app will only accept text messages from your phone number listed on your account, and all drivers listed in your users section.  You can enable/disable individual drivers ability to update mileage from the drivers area in the users page.  The default setting is disabled.

UPDATE – August 23, 2023 – Drivers can now text the word “license” or “medical” to the app and will receive a link to view their Driver License or DOT Medical.  See this blog post for more detail: