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Do Your Own DOT Inspections? We have a Tool For You!

Do you do your own DOT Inspections?  Do you do DOT Inspections for other contractors?  If so, you will LOVE this feature.

MyTruckMate has the full DOT Inspection form designed to be easily used on a smartphone within the app or web browser.  It contains every inspection item, and allows you to also create custom inspection items.

Just tap OK, Needs Repair, or NA, and enter a repair date if needed, for each item.

The app will then generate the entire for filled out with all the details on it.  Leave your pen at home!

It does end there.  The app will also store a list of trucks (not just your trucks), VIN numbers, license plates, names, addresses, custom inspection items, and more, so that you can just select a truck, and the form will automatically be filled out.  The app will also remember which email to send the form.  Just click send, and you’re done.  FedEx will receive the completed form via email.  You can also view and print the form. All you’ll have left to do is the the DOT stickers.

But there is still more! The app will also automatically update your truck with the new DOT form and expiration date in MyTruckMate.

This feature is an add-on feature or can be purchased alone without using the rest of the MyTruckMate app.  The cost for this feature is $75/month for unlimited usage.  Cancel anytime.

Want to try it for free?  Just contact support at or 561-325-8939 and we will gladly give you a free 30 day risk-free trial.