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Your New Right Hand


Total Control Over Your
Fleet Maintenance

  • Set up maintenance intervals that alert you and your mechanic when they are due.
  • Create service requests that automatically send a message to your mechanic letting them know.
  • Keep track of all your service records.

Save Time, A LOT OF TIME!

  • Automated Maintenance Reports
  • Enter invoices/records in seconds

All In The Palm Of Your Hand

  • Designed for smartphones and tablets
  • Valuable and usefull information at your fingertips
  • Fast & Easy to use

Special Features For FedEx Contractors

  • Automated MMRs
  • Quickly Create & Sign or have your drivers sign FedEx documents remotely.
  • Much more….
  • Designed by a Former FedEx Contractor

QR Code Stickers

QR Codes

Drivers Scan QR Codes

  • Get access to general truck info such as Registration, Insurance, DOT Report, Tire Sizes, Fuel Type, VIN and More…
  • Run Checklists
  • Report an issue to you (only you will see it)
  • Clock In/Out
  • No App Needed

Mechanics Scan QR Codes

  • Get access to general truck info such as Registration, Insurance, DOT Report, Tire Sizes, Fuel Type, VIN and More…
  • Access Maintenance History
  • See when last/next scheduled maintenance due.
  • See any open issues.
  • Set maintenance and open issues as complete.
  • Mechanics only see issues assigned to them.

Automated MMR for FedEx Contractors


MMR Automatically Created

  • Automatically creates MMR for each truck using your service records.
  • One-Click View/Print or Email MMR directly to FedEx
  • Signature Included!  No need to print and sign.  MMR will be signed.
  • Automatically include all invoices for completed work. (optional)
  • Set different stations for each truck and email to respective stations.

This Feature Alone,
Will Save you

Notifications by
Email & Text


Notifications For Every Important Event

  • Scheduled Maintenance Due
  • Registration Expiring
  • DOT Inspection Due
  • IFTA Expiring
  • Checklist Completed (pass or fail)
  • Drivers forgetting to Clock In/Out

Mechanics & Drivers Notifications

  • Mechanics are notified for scheduled maintenance, service requests, and DOT Inspections.
  • Drivers are notified if they forget to clock in/out.

Packed With Powerful Features!

Document Center

  • Organize and Store Registrations, Insurance Cards, DOT Certificates, and IFTA’s for quick & easy access.

Mileage Report

  • View the last 100 mileage updates for each truck, with average daily mileage for 5,6,7 day work weeks.


  • Keep track of all your warranties.
  • Stores image of warranty certificate.
  • Stores warranty date such as exp date, exp miles, etc.
  • Search warranties by truck, part, or any keyword.


  • Create custom checklists
  • Capture pictures & videos
  • Give access to drivers via QR Code Stickers
  • Get notifications every time a checklist is completed.

Keep Track Of Repairs & Maintenance

  • Service Requests
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service Records
  • Invoices

Send Text Messages To Update App

  • Update truck mileage by text message.
  • Get truck documents with a simple text message request.
  • Get truck barcodes to log into scanner with a text message.
  • More text message features coming soon!

Outstanding Issues Page

  • Quickly view and update all open issues for your trucks all on one page.
  • All open scheduled maintenance.
  • All open service requests.
  • Expiring DOT Inspections
  • Expiring Registrations
  • Expiring IFTA’s
  • Quickly set open issues as completed and convert to records, update expiration dates, and store updated documents.

Common Parts Database

  • Keep a searchable list of truck parts that you use frequently such as batteries, brake pads, oil filters, etc.
  • Keep track of each part, and which truck(s) each part fits.
  • Inventory – Keeps track of quantity-on-hand.

Information At Your Fingertips

  • Quickly see full truck details such as VIN, tire sizes, fuel type, scheduled maintenance status, mileage, year, make, model, document expiration dates.
  • Tire Reports

*Do Your Own DOT Inspections?

  • Use our DOT Wizard to do the inspection and generate the report.
  • Automatically creates report with all fields filled in.
  • Sends directly to you and FedEx.
  • Remembers all your truck data as well as your customers’ trucks.


$5/Month Per Truck


$2/Month per Driver