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App Features


The MyTruckMate App is designed by FedEx Ground Contractors for FedEx Ground Contractors to manage all your trucks’ maintenance, repairs, and even the FedEx Monthly Maintenance Report (MMR).

Designed to be easily used on a Smartphone.
Even for the Largest Of Hands

Large Numeric Keypad is used whenever a numeric input is required.
makes entering numbers easy!

Create Service Requests when something is in need of repair/service

Your mechanic will automatically receive a text message and/or email when you create a new service request.

Maintenance Intervals with automatic reminders and text messages sent directly to You and your mechanic

Set up as many as you need such as Oil Changes, filter changes, etc. Assign relevant trucks to each interval. For example, you can have “Diesel Oil Change” every 5,000 miles or 5 months, and then assign all your diesel trucks to it. When a truck is coming close to the threshold, you will be notified along with your mechanic who will receive a text message telling them specifically which truck(s) and what needs doing.

Monthly Maintenance Report (MMR)

The MMR will be automatically generated for each of your trucks pre-filled and signed with your name. Just click 1 button, and send directly to FedEx. SAVE HOURS of time manually filling out the MMR.

Get our Data-Entry add-on and save even more time.  With the Data-Entry add-on, we will enter all your service records into the system for you.  Just forward all your invoices to us.  It’s a HUGE timesaver.

Quick Mileage Update Form

Single page form to update the miles for each of your trucks. No need to go to a new page and enter them one at a time. This is a big-time saver to keep track of mileage.

You can also give an employee access to this page and allow them to update all of your trucks’ mileage.

Tire Reports keeps track of all 6 (or 4) tires on each of your trucks

It will also keep a record of the previous tire and tire brand so that you can do comparisons and see which tires are the most cost effective for your business. Tire reports also keeps track of whether the tires were new or retreads.

Truck Summary page

Shows quick and valuable information of all your trucks on a single page. Shows all scheduled maintenance statuses and how long till they come due. Show mileage, DOT expirations dates, and Registration expiration dates.

Outstanding Issues

Instantly view all outstanding issues.  Open service requests, upcoming or due maintenance intervals, expiring DOT certificates, and registrations are all shown at the tap of your finger.

Enter Invoices and create service records in seconds

Easily and quickly enter your trucks’ service records and invoices into the app.  You can access and edit them at anytime.

Stores Your Trucks' Important Documents

Keep you DOT Certificates, Registrations, and Insurance Cards at your fingertips, ready when you need them in seconds!

Mileage History Report

Quickly view the last 10 mileage updates for each truck.  You will also see an average daily usage chart for 5, 6, and 7 day work weeks.

Makes it easy to catch mileage input errors and to know how much your trucks are being used.

Many more features included, as well as new features being added!