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Registration and Billing Support

To sign up for the app, please download the app to your iPhone or Android, and click on the “Sign Up Now – FREE!” button.

If you have any billing questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 561-325-8939.

Technical Support

Our goal is to make MyTruckMate as self-explanatory and easy to use as possible.  However, if you need help with anything, we are here to help.

By default, most pages within the app have white/red help icon on the bottom right corner.  Click that icon to get help for the page that you are on.  If you do not see this icon, it may have been turned off.  To enable it, simply go to the “Settings” section in the app, and set the “Show/Hide Help” to “Show”, and then click “Save Settings”.  You will then see the white/red help icon on most pages.

In addition, inside the MyTruckMate App, click on the navigation menu icon, and you will see a section called “Help”.  Click on that, and you will be taken to the help page that explains how to use the various features of the app, as well as instructional videos.

If you still need help using the app, please contact us by email at or 561-325-8939, and we will gladly do whatever is need to help you.